Sunday, September 18, 2016

Con man, Richard Lacroix last spotted on New Haven , Ct.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Victims of Richard Lacroix and/or Rueben please speak up

Dear Victims of Lacroix & Reuben pleas post your stories. You are many so don't be ashamed they got you. Help prevent them from getting others. You can post your stories anonymously or not.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lacroix is looking for victims to swindle in upstate NY. He was reported in Rochester until we ran him out. He was in the middle of conning a couple people including a little ole lady.

He might be in Geneva, NY with is so called lawyer, Richard Reiben. He might be looking for people to swindle in Syracuse, NY too. Syracuse people, be on the lookout for this swindler.

Lacroix tell people they sold MVP. We would love to hear from anyone involvd in that deal!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Richard Lacroix using alias Richard Williams in Rochester, NY

Richard Lacroix is now scamming people in Rochester NY. He is at the Best Western in Rochester today after being in several hotels--always on the move! He will move as soon as he sees this blog. This is not too far from  Richard Reiben, attorney for Lacroix. Reiben is in Geneva NY, about 30 minute from Roch. Lacroix was in Geneva too---

Summary Update: It is reported that Lacroix is using the name of Richard Williams due to the fact he has been outed in previous towns. He was last working in Geneva NY where his attorney,Richard Reiben lives. Seems like MAry Kuwolski & her son Michael are also still cons in tow.

Be careful of these people....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

La Croix, Ceto, LLC & Multi Venue Protection (MVP) , LLC- Where is all the money

Where is all the money? La Croix has been selling membership units in these two companies without accounting for any of the money. We know $50k, $25K  checks that were written to their bank account and no one can tell us where the money is. NO K-1's, nothing!

S0 back in the 80's LaCroix bought a successful restaurant in downtown Manhattan, with a promissory note.  He did not pay on the note, he did not pay supplier's etc,, just took the cash, $10k, 15k, $20k per week for about 5-7 months....real money here. Restaurant was eventually shut down. Please send more info on this if you have anymore.

After that swindle, he got into securitizing mobile homes or something like that...He had a deal with Oppenheimer & Co and may have even owned or run that company until he was thrown out when they caught onto this guy.

Later, he cut some deal with Citbank and was given a  high level position with Citcorp. This only lasted 2-3 weeks- they threw him out too...Anymore info on this would be welcomed too.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Richard LaCroix , Richard Lacroi, stories scamms continue to be reported

Fortunately, people who know Richard Lacroix continue to find this blog and relate their stories of his stealing, his cons & scams since the 80's. The stories all have a common tread: He is an asswhole, he is brazen, he has no scruples whatsoever and people cannot believe he has not been "taken out" because he scammed so many people... here are some more reported Lacroix activities. If you have any info to add or confirm these stories, please call or write:  claims he is only a lawyer who does not get paid by Lacroix although every victim this blogger spoke to describes Reiben role.

1. His driver from Long Island in the 80's was promised to have his kids private school paid for. The driver removed his kids from public school.
2. Lacroix worked for American Investor's Note Paper company at 30 Rockefeller, NY, NY. he apparently made many enemies and ran out on big hotel bills in New Orleans while representing the company, tried to take over the company, and cause financial harm to principals. more info is need on this story.
3,Lacroix spent time in Omaha, Nebraska in the 80's running a call center. Need more info here too.